David is a 79 year old, diagnosed with dementia, specifically Alzheimers, in 2020.  His professional life as a professor, public relations officer, and his life as a great reader, traveler and photographer are past.  It is both unsafe and uninteresting for him to be alone for extended periods of time.  I, as caregiver, have some commitments in the community and an interest in some activities without him.  After some research, I found Seniors Helping Seniors, and specifically a wonderful companion in Nancy.  David was sure he did not need anyone to be with him and was resistant to hiring a companion.  He was anxious about her coming but her calm and friendly presence won him over.  Following their time together, though he speaks little, he expresses how she’s ‘fun’, ‘really something’, and ‘special’.  I am most grateful that I can leave with no fear, anxiety, or guilt about his care and that, in fact, his life is enhanced without my presence.  Thank you for your supporting us in helping us to live our best lives in the midst of change and difficult times. ~ Dorette