SHS has been a lifesaver for me.  With their help I’ve been able to keep my 96 year old mother in her home and out of assisted living. Although she can manage her basic care on her own she has memory problems and needs to have someone come in daily to see that she’s eating well (she has a prodigious sweet tooth and would live on cookies and Ensure) and is safe. She also enjoys and needs the stimulation of companionship. Until SHS came in I was the only one doing this for her. Now I’m able to take care of her other business, do her grocery shopping and have a couple free days without worrying about her. The women who are seeing her are so kind to her that I’m confident in having them come in.  It’s important to my Mom to stay in her home. I’m not sure how she’d do if removed from her familiar environment. I’m very grateful to SHS for helping me achieve this for as long as possible. - Laura