"Seniors Helping Seniors (SHS) has been a wonderful help in my journey caring for my wife Sue.  Kim and her team are kind, compassionate and helpful individuals who can came into our home and gave me a break from my 24/7 caretaking role.  It is great to be able to get to the grocery store, visit with friends or go to a medical appointment for myself without having to worry about my loved one at home.  I always knew Sue was well cared for in my absence and our SHS team member seemed to genuinely enjoy and look forward to her visits with Sue. Equally as important, Sue seemed to enjoy visiting and felt very comfortable around her which was a big relief to me.
Being a caretaker is purely an act of love and is very rewarding. However it can really take a toll on the caretaker.  Having SHS allowed me a chance to recharge my batteries so I was better able to be there for Sue. We are extremely thankful to have SHS in our lives.  Thank you!  - Jerry"

SHS has been a lifesaver for me.  With their help I’ve been able to keep my 96 year old mother in her home and out of assisted living. Although she can manage her basic care on her own she has memory problems and needs to have someone come in daily to see that she’s eating well (she has a prodigious sweet tooth and would live on cookies and Ensure) and is safe. She also enjoys and needs the stimulation of companionship. Until SHS came in I was the only one doing this for her. Now I’m able to take care of her other business, do her grocery shopping and have a couple free days without worrying about her. The women who are seeing her are so kind to her that I’m confident in having them come in.  It’s important to my Mom to stay in her home. I’m not sure how she’d do if removed from her familiar environment. I’m very grateful to SHS for helping me achieve this for as long as possible. - Laura

I am very grateful my dad had your services. He was very fond of all the guys and their time together.  They all did a lot to enhance his quality of life and he looked forward to the visits. Thanks again for the wonderful service you provided for my dad.  - Randy

Thank you for all of the support you have provided me in caring for my wife.  As we move her into memory care we couldn't have done this without Seniors Helping Seniors and the wonderful ladies who spent time with her.  We are blessed to have found your organization.  Thank you! - Steve

It's with gratitude that we thank you and your team.  Mom so enjoyed their visits and working with you was so easy.  You and your staff are wonderful!  - Mark & family

It was just a great first experience. Bob was friendly and helpful. We will definitely keep using this service and are very grateful. Thank you! - Bruce

You have the best helpers!  I'd like to know where do you find them, everyone you've sent has been wonderful!  They are always courteous and willing to help with whatever I need.  I've used your services for the past 4 years and I plan to continue to use them for as longs as I can.  Thank you!  - Margaret

Thank you for bringing my mom some joy each week!  My mom really enjoyed her companion, from singing to reading the bible and going on walks.  It was the highlight of her week!  - Cassie

Wow!  What can I say other than THANK YOU!  Your services have allowed my mom to have an extra 4 years in her home.  She looked forward to the visits and really developed a friendship with her companions.  My family is grateful we found your organization and will be providing your name to others as the need arises.  - LuAnne

I was a little resistant to start services not knowing what to expect.  I called around to several agencies and when I met with Kim she made me feel comfortable and reassured.  My first visit went better than I could have ever expected!  Scheduling my transportation for appointments has never been easier.  Thank you for getting me back to taking care of my health.  -Mary B.

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